The Face Of A Mob


Another telling event happened yesterday that I almost forgot to mention. On an early morning Fox News show they were discussing all the town hall meetings that are being “attended” and the talk turned to the debate over them turning into a mob atmosphere.

The main host showed some selected footage from a few of them and asked, “Does this look like a mob to you?” Then another of the hosts said, “You want to see what a mob looks like?” She then ran more selected footage of an ACORN event.

What struck me most about this was what the hosts couldn’t see or wouldn’t admit. Here, several very white people showed us footage of town hall disruptions and from corner-to-corner not a hint of color to be seen anywhere. It might as well have been footage of an Alaskan Iditarod race. The example of what they saw as a true definition of a “mob” scene was nothing but color.

It seems we still have quite a way to go yet before we can declare racism over in this country. I think the racists here just liked the idea of being able to hide in the shadows a bit longer by declaring it over with the election of a man of color that they now hate six months into an administration with an invective that is out of all proportion of any rational thought process. The only logical cause of this is, sadly, racism.

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