Fair And Balanced My Foot 2


As many of you know, I watch Fox News and listen to 1210am (conservative talk radio). As an Independent I think it’s best to listen to all sides and do my own homework on comments and claims that they make. This causes me a bit of stress as I have a really hard time with the approach Fox has taken to things. Conservative pundits play the fear game better than their opponents and it’s a “take no prisoners” approach.

However, something that just happened concerns me even more as it almost borders on blatant censorship.

I signed up on Fox Nation—an extremely conservative site, to be able to post comments in response to other entries. I belong to a long list of sites all over the political spectrum and have never had a problem.

I signed up using my real name and tried to post various comments. They never appeared. I’d be told my posts were accepted and would appear shortly. No such luck. I then found that I had trouble logging into the site. I’d constantly have to get them to send me a new password to get in. Mine wouldn’t work from one session to the next.

Then I noticed that when I tried to post, not only wouldn’t most posts appear but the “Submit Comment” button flat out wouldn’t work.

I thought this was just coincidental but then I started wondering if it might not be something else. So I created a new account and named it something conservative in nature and pointed it to another e-mail address I have. I used the same exact password that fails time and again under the other account.

I then posted a conservative comment and it worked without any trouble. I also have had no problem with my password.

This morning I posted a comment on a fairly unread posting. The one posted under the conservative alias showed up instantly on the story. Much to my surprise the one posted under my real name did show up though it showed up more than 30 minutes after I posted it even though both posts were sent up at virtually the same time. It was also a completely non-partisan comment. I get the feeling that every post is being read here and if you post anything with a non-conservative bent that your account gets flagged as a non-supporter sending your posts into a moderation queue. It wouldn’t surprise me at all to find that Fox wants to give the impression that most people are overtly conservative.


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