Flyers Management Needs Reminder


I went to see the Flyers in action last night and was surprised to find the arena well off of capacity. In the middle of the game at least one out of every three seats was empty.

This is a new team with new energy and they’re having a great start to the season. This building should be sold out with lines waiting outside for tickets. Instead I saw three people (I think from one group) standing at the ticket counter as I went by it.

As grandpa would say, “In my day….” the Flyers would sell out routinely and the energy level of the crowd was much higher as well.

I guess they’re making more money this way but I have to believe that having people in the seats is better for everyone that not having them there. The seats we had were marked $85. We got them from a family member. That’s $170 for my son and I to sit there if we’d paid for them. That’s insane in my view. A family of four having to pay $340 for a single night out for okay seats? I think I’d rather hit a movie for $60-$75.

Huge swaths of seats were unsold in the nosebleed sections. That tells me the pricing is just not in line with demand. People with money don’t want to sit there and people who are willing can’t spend that much for those seats.

Here’s hoping management figures it out, but I doubt it.

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