Fox News … Great Halloween Costume


Tonight on Hannity and Colmes we had another clear example of the way this network chooses to handle so-called news.

Their big story is the voicemail message Alec Baldwin left for his 11 year-old daughter. This dominated more than half the show. What’s more is that the entire time they discussed it, the “fair and balanced” network ran a graphic in the lower right corner that continually poked fun at Baldwin. They’d have a picture of the actor and then strangely it would appear to grow a mustache or open it’s mouth (I’m still not sure what they were going for) and then the next frame they’d show a crying baby face. Okay…..

We then got to listen to charlatan Sean Hannity feign outrage that Alec Baldwin isn’t in jail. The same was true for the right-based guest (that silly woman from KSFO who can’t open her mouth without spewing vitriol at every turn.)

Yes, what Mr. Baldwin said was over the top. Yes it was immature of him. However, it also was, in no way, a crime. It shows you just how insane these people are over someone like Alec Baldwin to suggest that chastising his daughter should net him jail time. We’re talking about people who grew up in an age of, and likely support as well as having experiened, corporal punishment from their own parents.

If we jailed all parents who called their kids names we’d have to arrange for social services to take care of nearly all our children.

This sounds to me like sour grapes from a group looking for vengeance over the Don Imus situation. It’s either that or this is the talking point distraction mandated to cover the administration’s admission that now we’re not even going to bother training Iraqi troops to take on the operating. Hmm…..

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