FOX News Having A Crisis


Well, here we are on election eve and FOX News is having a real tizzy. It’s endless railing on Jeremiah Wright and the Barack Obama quote from 11 months ago regarding coal plants. This is their Hail Mary pass?

Dick Morris should just be given a show on FOX News. How this guy has any remaining credibility is a total mystery. He makes one incorrect prediction after another and yet he gets endless time all over FOX News to be able to attack all things Left. His latest bit is in endlessly hawking a PAC group to directly help it raise money to run a final slew of Jeremiah Wright ads. Been there. Done that. Don’t care.

The other item they’re pushing is a snippet, totally out-of-context, where Obama stated that anyone could try to open a NEW coal plant but they’d be bankrupted due to taxes he’d place on them for dirty emissions vented into the atmosphere. First, they’re playing this as if he stated that he’d bankrupt all coal plants. Second, this interview has been around since January and it just comes out NOW? Are you kidding me?

What Obama is saying is that his plans would push coal plants to move to clean coal technologies which everyone wants. Furthermore, John McCain has said pretty much the same exact thing and when his proposal on the issue came to the floor on 2005 Republican Senator George Voinvich said, “Mr. President, the McCain Amendment will put coal out of business by forcing fuel-switching to natural gas.”

These guys are unbelievably desperate. They know there are idiots out there scattered all across the battleground states, just like the moronic woman at the McCain rally that mistakenly called Obama an Arab. They also know that several of those same states are big coal suppliers who would not take this news well. Thankfully it’s FOX News where most of their viewers have long ago cast their lot for John McCain.

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