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There’s a blog post up from Robert Bowling, the Community Manager for game developer Infinity Ward titled, “They Wonder Why People Don’t Make PC Games Anymore” which, of course, blames everything on piracy.

It’s more garbage from a developer that expects everyone to roll wheel barrows of money up to their door for the least amount of work.

Robert, there are plenty of companies making plenty of money in the PC game business and many have little need for console gaming. Ask Blizzard how much money they make from World of Warcraft on consoles.

It sounds to me like Infinity Ward just doesn’t have the talent to understand the complexities of the PC market. Stick to selling games to teens on consoles guys.

We can’t help it that you chose to sell arcade games on PC’s and then expect the kids you target all to be honest. Call of Duty 4 (multiplayer) is junk on the PC. You loaded it up to make it look like an Xbox game and then wonder why it’s being treated the way it is. Get a clue.

Stop suggesting that just because you can’t handle the industry that the problems are with everyone else. Plenty of bright people have figured out how to make plenty of money in the PC gaming space. Infinity Ward just isn’t one of them.

I’m always entertained when companies come along and make comments like this. Others have been able to make a killing for decades before them in this industry, all while piracy has been rampant. I’ll once again remind people of the old developer XOR. XOR at one time had the most popular football game, NFL Challenge, long before the likes of the Madden series. This game sold for an astounding $129 and included packaged pampering not seen in the days since. We’re talking padded disc holders, laminated playbooks, etc. Anyway, they were a top seller and still worried about how many copies were being pirated. Then they put out their first data disk. The data disk was a product, due to differences in licensing, that they made a much higher profit on. They also found out that more than 10 times the number of users ordered the data disk than had purchased the actual game. Infinity Ward would have followed this with a post about being so upset about the “lost” revenue. XOR responded by removing the copy protection of their game and selling many more data disks. That’s being creative.

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  1. Hello…

    My father was the owner of XOR Corporation that featured the NFL Challenge computer game. I randomly decided to do a web-search on this product and was surprised how many people still hold that game in high regard! When I was in high school, my buddies and I actually assembled the game boxes with the literature and padded disk holders you mentioned etc… brought back some memories. Thanks! dk

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