Hannity Still Slinging BS


In the Minnesota Senate race Sean Hannity has been typically partisan and vocal. In the past he’s made statements along the lines of, “Al Franken will do anything to steal this election.” He’s used completely one-sided arguments to try to make his case. In one instance I mentioned previously he pointed out challenges of ballots from Franken’s legal team as proof of this theft. The examples he used were clearly votes for opponent Norm Coleman but Hannity refused to ever point out the myriad of similar examples on the other side or to mention that Coleman’s team submitted more of these ballot challenges than Franken’s.

His loudest rant was that Franken would stop and nothing and that if the recount, as he (as usual) incorrectly predicted, showed Franken trailing that Franken’s team would go to court in an attempt to win the seat regardless of the voter’s intent.

I was actually a bit surprised to hear Hannity today continuing this same argument especially in light of the day’s news out of Minnesota:

“The state Canvassing Board certified the recount, with Al Franken ahead by 225 votes, but Norm Coleman said it plans a legal challenge.”

What was Hannity’s response to this? He amazingly still clung to his original point that this shows how far Franken is willing to go. Coleman’s going to court, in no way (in his view), equates to the same stealing of an election against the voter’s intent as it would if Franken did it.

Oh boy…..

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