Here’s What’s Wrong With Fox News


Last night I was watching The Daily Show when Jon Stewart dissected exactly what I find wrong with Fox News and have tried to articulate to those who support it.

Fox News Channel LogoHow anyone supporting this network can watch that piece and still support the hypocrisy that goes on at Fox News says everything about what is wrong with this country today. I am an Independent. I do lean left but I often vote Republican and lean right on fiscal issues. I refuse to be lead by a network that can be so easily shown to be wearing no clothes. If you support Fox News you do so blindly. There is no other answer. Fox will tell you the sun is great on Monday and then that it’s the great enemy on Friday all depending on what their viewers want to hear.

Please take a moment to watch the clip and then, if you’re a Fox News fan, tell me how you explain this contradiction.

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