I Remember 2000


Many of the pundits on the Right seem to think everyone was born yesterday. Their ability to sit on air and with a straight face or steady voice spew out complete bullshit is just amazing.

The idea that the current stock market is currently being affected mainly by something they call the “Obama Recession” is ludicrous and, frankly, insulting.

Many of these same people were the very same people who, back in 2000, blamed Bill Clinton for the downturn that happened as George W. Bush took office. These people seem to think no one can remember any of this. They also love to forget that the Congress of that era was Republican.

So in 2000 when the economy started to turn, that was Bill Clinton’s fault. Now, in 2008 with the economy down (and it’s been down for a long while now) that is the fault of Barack Obama? Give me a break….

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