It’s Just Not Sustainable


Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani was in Pennsylvania yesterday stumping for Senator Rick Santorum, who appears to be on his way out in the race there. What was interesting was his trying to sell the concept that if people like Santorum are voted out of Congress (in other words, Republicans) then the country will go back on the defense in the war on terrorism, “rather than being on offense the way we are now.”

My simple question is, how the hell do people like Giuliani think that we can sustain being on offense the way we are now???

We’ve got troops mired in a mess in Iraq. Our military leaders are now starting to abandon the ship and admit this isn’t working out and yet stuffed-shirts like Giuliani think we should keep people like Santorum around simple to keep the status quo?

Just how long do these people think we’re going to be willing to allow our kids to be killed in a foreign country for some ethereal concept like a “war on terror”? Just how long do they think we’re going to want to be toothless in the face of other more serious threats like Iran and North Korea?

Rick Santorum represented some of the absolute worst of what this administration did to this country. Let’s not forget that this is one of the ringleaders of the shameful Terry Schiavo escapade. He should be gone for that alone but that’s another topic. The bottom line is that people like Giuliani continue to act as if staying on the current path is somehow a real option. It isn’t.

I expect some amazingly dramatic changes after the elections on Tuesday regardless of who wins or what party controls each house. The reality is that the course ran out some time ago. It’s all just politics right now.

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