It’s Time for the Showdown


It’s now time for Congress to stand tall and not blink in this face-off with the President. Contrary to what Mr. Bush has to say, the American people will not blame Democrats if the troops don’t get funding. Congress has funded the troops all this time through one fiasco after another and lie after lie. It’s the President who will be blamed if he vetos the bills that passed both the House and the Senate.

If this is the only way to get the troops home, so be it. Let the President veto the bill. Then send him essentially the same exact bill to veto again. As the funds run out, Congress and the American people finally win out over the tyrant now in office. It’s time George W. Bush wakes up to reality. He had to be appointed President in 2000 and had support from the Right only out of a sense of party. Few people were really all that impressed with the man. The best they could say about him is that he’s the kind of guy you want to hang out with. That’s not exactly the picture I have of solid presidential material. In 2004 we had another close contest with lots of questions and a nation divided like never before. Still this man walked away from that experience speaking about “mandates” and having “earned political capital”. No one else saw it but that didn’t stop him from thinking it was the case. Then in 2006 the Republicans were run out of Dodge and still this guy acts like nothing has changed.

Congress needs to realize that they’re not dealing with a typical administration here. They need to treat this administration as if they’re dealing with spoiled children. Let them rant and rave all they want but just deny them them means to do anything and only then will the lesson be learned.

Had this President been truthful about the situation in Iraq and honest with the American people from the start, things would be very different. However, it’s clear to everyone but the most fanatical followers that what this President says and does are not related. We are in Iraq for only one reason—money. That was the reason from the start and that’s the reason today. To have to leave now before we can fully take over control of oil shipments in the region is what is bothering this President and that’s what you’re not going to hear from him. He knows we wouldn’t have accepted sending our kids into a war over oil so the administration concocted this ridiculous story that had no chance of standing up to scrutiny. He should have known better but his arrogance precluded him from realizing that we’re not all as stupid as he thinks we are.

It’s time. Congress needs to stand toe-to-toe with this cowboy in the black hat and compel him to draw. Only then will this gun slinger have to face the fact that his pistol has no ammo.

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