Last Night I Witnessed Bottled Crazy


The Tea Party debate was held last night on CNN and anyone that missed it really did themselves a disservice as it showcased exactly everything everyone else needs to know about the Tea Party and why virtually everything they stand for is bad for this country.

The very first thought I had was that candidate Herman Cain must have felt extremely uncomfortable as virtually the only black individual in attendance—and no, I don’t mean just on stage. Looking across the expanse of the hall in which the event was held showed virtually no color what-so-ever other than the varied outfits worn by the attendees.

Furthermore, the looks and mannerisms of those in attendance left a lot to be desired. Most fumbled with their questions or gave looks that belied a clear underlying sense of continual fear—no doubt planted by innumerable sessions of conservative talk radio and Fox News punditry.

Crazy Comes in Many Shapes and Sizes

Crazy Comes in Many Shapes and Sizes

This is what the so-called Tea Party represents—a completely uncivilized bunch of troglodytes stuck in another era entirely unable to determine right from wrong or, I suspect, even left from right judging by their complete lack of the most basic facts of the world around them.The applause lines were all the type that would make the hair on any normal persons’ hair stand on end in sheer disbelief. The largest came about when Wolf Blitzer engaged Representative Ron Paul about a hypothetical 30 year-old cancer patient that chose to forego health insurance only to then be diagnosed with cancer. As Blitzter pushed Paul to explain how this person would get treated the audience not only pushed for a complete lack of sympathy but included several shouting out, “Let him die!

In another Paul exchange of note Senator Rick Santorum ripped into the Representative over his saying the US carried blame for the actions of 9/11. Paul has pointed out, quite clearly, that our police actions around the world are what motivated our enemies to rise up against us and that none of the attacks have anything to do with the party line of their hating us for our liberty or freedom. The Tea Party’s most aligned candidate—Paul—was skewered time and again. Yet another example of just how lost this group of people really is.

The real winner of the debate last night wasn’t even there. It was, without question President Barack Obama. It’s events like last night that make me cringe at my citizenship and to seriously question it. And if you’re response is to want to tell me to just get the hell out then you simply don’t get what being an American entails so feel free.

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