OMG… Sean Hannity Made A Mistake


Last week, on both his radio show and his Fox News show, Sean Hannity made it absolutely clear that President-Elect Barack Obama waited until today to release his internal report on the Rod Blagojevich scandal so that he could release all the bad news in it during a period where no one would be paying attention.

Well, I was paying attention.

Sean HannityIt turns out that, as is typical with Mr. Hannity, his prediction was totally erroneous. The report is out today and it says, quite boringly, exactly what they said it would say when this all started—that they didn’t find anyone who did anything wrong.

Hannity has been on a rampage, so cock-sure of his fallible predictions, that he’s suggested Obama was dirty and was certain his future Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanuel, was up to no good. He kept referring to 21 instances of “Rahm-bo’s” name and how this clearly couldn’t be good.

Well, according to the Obama team Emanuel only spoke to the Governor and his aide once or twice and spoke to him about his old House seat and the Senate seat. He suggested a name for the Senate seat but later Obama ruled out communicating any preferences after that point. Sounds like fishy business there doesn’t it?

Furthermore Mr. Hannity kept pointing to visions of wrong-doing regarding the Service Employees International Union and Blagojevich’s desire to become the Secretary of Health and Human Services. The report notes that those involved in this discussion on Obama’s side specifically agreed it would never happen.

Why do I still listen? Pure entertainment.

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