Liberal Media Bias My Ass


This is one I’m tired of hearing about. It just isn’t true.

Here are some realities those that espouse this pile of misinformation don’t like to address:

Look at the major cable networks. At CNN you have what’s considered to be a left-leaning news organization. Why? Who there is patently, overtly liberal? Anderson Cooper? What does he ever say to give this impression? Wolf Blitzer? Wolf just recently had a big battle with Michael Moore supporting Doctor Sanjay Gupta‘s misinformed piece on his film, “Sicko“. The brand names at CNN include Larry King who seems to be completely lacking for either side, Glenn Beck and Nancy Grace. You don’t get much more conservative than the latter two.

Then we have MSNBC. They’re often listed as diehard lefties. Really? They’ve certainly got Keith Olbermann and frankly if I were the Right I’d be scared of this guy. He’s smart, savvy, fast on his feet and can put together a commentary that would make Lincoln sit up and take notice. The big name there is Chris Matthews who can’t find a good thing to say about a Democrat. Then there’s Tucker Carlson and of course Pat Buchanan. If anyone is going to tell me these guys are lefties I’m going to call them flat-out liars. Don’t give me Ronnie Reagan as the guy is rarely on.

Do I even need to bother touching on Fox News? You’d have to be brain-dead to suggest they have a liberal bias.

Things don’t get much better on network news. You’ve got ABC, owned by ultra-conservative Disney. ABC also owns Sean Hannity‘s show. CBS and NBC also have heavily conservative corporations running the show. These are all large corporate entities and we all know corporate entities are conservative at their heart. It’s all about the bottom line and that’s conservative thinking. Both CBS and NBC radio have conservatives on their talk shows.

Then look at the radio. How many left-leaning radio talk shows do you know of? Meanwhile we have Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Bill O’Reilly and many more. Don’t tell me “progressive radio doesn’t interest people”. Bull, Ed Schultz beats Hannity in several markets but still can’t get onto The Armed Forces Radio Network or out of the mid-west. The bottom line is that corporate America doesn’t want these guys on their networks. They want what sells ad space and corporate America gets most of its ad income from other entities just like them.

I’m sick and tired of being surrounded 24/7 with conservative propaganda and being served up this ridiculous lie that we’re inundated with liberal media bias. Don’t even give me the New York Times. If there’s a liberal media bias at the Times they would have called George W. Bush out on the war long ago. Instead, like every other paper with the exception of the then Knight-Ridder papers, they bought the administration’s cause hook, line and sinker.

If you think we have a liberal media bias, let the world surround you with people like Al Franken on 4 out of 5 radio stations and people like Michael Moore on 4 out of 5 news channels and then see how you like it when they tell you we’re swamped with conservative media bias. For every single Bill Maher (who is a comedian people, unlike Ann Coulter who he always seems to be compared to for some unknown reason… next you’ll try to suggest Jon Stewart is an actual news anchor) you can name, I can name 4 or 5 conservatives to offset them.

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