Losing Me Fast


Word this weekend is that President Obama is ready to drop the demand for a public health care option. In other words, once again, the spineless Democrats have failed in the face of a much-weakened Republican party effort to stifle it.

If this administration cannot get us a public option it will be the first nail in the coffin of my vote for him in 2012. I am not interested in some sort of crippled legislation that will do virtually nothing to force major change in our broken system. I experienced it first-hand. I’m watching my mother, who was recently diagnosed with cancer, suffer through the very things we’re told only happen in Canada and other “socialist” medical systems. She’s waiting weeks to get any sort of treatment what-so-ever.

Enough. It’s time for Democrats to lead us given the mandate they were given in both 2006 and then again in 2008. Instead they’ve done nothing but give in to the special interests and some polling showing that these ridiculous town hall meeting lynchings are working.

We’re going to be told that this will be a great step forward. We’ll be told that, for example, pre-existing conditions will be a thing of the past. However, that won’t matter even one bit. As mentioned in a previous post, for Cigna head of Corporate Communications, Wendell Potter, has already made it clear that the industry already has a solution for this. You won’t get turned down by your insurance for a pre-existing condition but when it comes time for your employer to renew their plan the provider, knowing of the costs still to come, will price renewal for the entire organization beyond what the company can pay driving them to another company.

What do you think that company’s first question will be? It’ll be to ask what the current state of all employees are. If anyone has anything costly they’ll get turned down or, again, get a rate that will simply keep driving prices up for all.

No sir. I am not interested in sugar-coated PR efforts that will do nothing to change the status quo. If this is the best this guy can do then he’s not the leader I voted for and I will have a hard to pulling the lever for him again in 2012.

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