More Proof That Truth Doesn’t Matter to Fox


The people at Fox News have never cared much for the truth as it clearly gets in the way of their message. Bill O’Reilly, John Gibson and others there continually openly refer to Media Matters as a George Soros entity.

It doesn’t matter that Soros has never given any money to Media Matters and that no tie has been offered up by any of these talking heads. Why? Because they know they’re preaching to the converted and the faithful. Just tell them it’s so and they’ll be on their way parroting those comments verbatim.

I know this because it’s happened in countless conversations I’ve had with staunch Fox News watchers. I’ve come to view anyone who tells me they prefer Fox News as lacking in some core way. Sorry. Unless the reason for watching is entertainment value then there’s something not right in that choice. To choose a news organization that continually makes things up and reports it as fact just isn’t right. That some people continue to view this source as credible calls into question their capacity to rationally think. It’s just that black-and-white. I have to believe that core supporters just like Fox News because they tell them what it is they want to hear and not the way things are. That’s fine with me as long as this is admitted when questioned on it.

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