No Second Term For Obama?


Remember this one. Rush Limbaugh today told listeners that he wouldn’t be surprised if Barack Obama didn’t run for a second term (has anyone told this guy that Obama hasn’t even started his first term yet?) if Obama, get this, achieves everything he “really” intends to do.


He seems to think that Obama will move to implement a long series of sinister plans that will so turn off everyone, including his own party, that no one will want him to run. It’ll supposedly be so bad that even he will come to realize it’s better for him to just step aside.

I had a hard time stopping the laughing. This from a guy that supported one of the worst Presidents in our history and worked endlessly to get him elected to a second disasterous term.

Someone needs to start a website that just tracks all these comments and then posts the results. I have no doubt that 90% of the predictions these people make never come to pass.

What a complete charlatan.

He’s now going on about how Obama will create his own collapse by infringing on liberty. He stated that if there’s one thing Americans won’t stand for is changing the parameters of freedom. What a crock. Where was this guy (and Americans) when George W. Bush was gutting our freedoms (the one thing he takes an oath to protect)? He stood by and supported that but now Obama will be hung out to dry if he tries to do anything?

In the next breath he says Obama will fail but that he can’t fail. He means the press won’t report any failures as he represents Camelot. People will make excuses for him. Boy does that sound like the pot calling the kettle black. Oh boy….

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