Obama Just Got The Call


Barack Obama has been projected as the 44th President by CNN and it’s something to behold. For better or worse (and I think it can only be better) we’ve made major history with this choice.

I hope this quiets the radicals on the Right for a while as their rhetoric is very much at the heart of this decisive victory for the Democrats. Just this morning Rush Limbaugh was talking about Obama “stealing” an election (which is so ridiculous as to be sad). Sean Hannity was his typical self throwing every possible insult Obama’s way.

What these people do not understand is the cry of the call, “Enough” from the voters. This is a mandate-level victory unlike the fictional ones claimed by the prior administration. The total expelling of Republicans in every corner speaks volumes. Understand that I am an Independent. I voted for Republicans and Democrats both today. It’s essential that the Republicans wake up and re-aquaint themselves with their core platform. It’s time for them to keep the Democrats in check with regard to spending and core conservative values.

This is a monumental moment and it’s now time to get behind President Elect Obama to see if he can address many of the poor choices of the last eight years. We have an opportunity here to either continue to move forward with our ill-informed hate or to embrace this amazing change. Barack Obama has shown the world that America is the land of diversity and has engergized a world population with this victory.

It is the moment to get behind him to show the world that we believe in that message and that we, as a country, will move forward and not just look back at our mistakes by compounding them further.

John McCain needs to take the first step in this journey and show what a leader he really is by accepting his fate with grace and vision. I expect he will do exactly that. I firmly believe that what we saw of this man for the last year did not represent his core personality and that, in a way, he will gain solace in the fact that this race is over.

I am also heartened by the race issue which appears to have been so minimal in this election. Blacks have had a rough ride in this country over its history and this historic victory will go a long way towards healing many of those wounds. It’s about time. I can’t wait to see what happens next.

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