Obama May Be The Anti-Christ. The Signs Are There.


Two recent news stories have gotten me thinking that President Obama could indeed be the anti-Christ and I’m waiting for the media to catch on.

First, Obama is sworn in on January 20th and the very next day we see something that is almost incomparable in our history—US Airways flight 1549 crash lands in the Hudson river and all 155 people onboard survive. A plane, torn apart by large birds and impacting the unforgiving Hudson doesn’t come apart but instead manages to stay afloat just long enough for all the passengers and crew to almost casually disembark from the plane to a myriad of conveniently waiting rescue boats nearby. This is the closest thing we’ve seen to Jesus walking on water. It was, dare I say, a miracle and not just any miracle. It was a miracle that brought the entire world into a feeling of unbridled euphoria at a time when uncertainty over our future had been dominating the headlines.

This morning, just one day after President Obama spoke to the nation about sweeping reforms and taking huge risks to right the course of the nation and the world economy, I awake to see that Turkish flight TK1951 crashed into a field covered with trees and buildings, broke into three pieces, had both its engines torn away and yet all 134 passengers and crew survived. Furthermore it all happened in Amsterdam—the closest city we have to Sodom and Gomorrah today. A miracle in the land of the Red Light District to raise the hopes of the region’s largest sinners? Amsterdam is also the location of the Anne Frank House. Red light? Debauchery? Holocaust aura?

Aren’t these exactly the sort of miracles the anti-Christ would deliver to the people to give everyone a sense of joy and divine influence all designed to lull us into a false sense of security before damning us all to infinity behind the gates of Hell?

I’m just asking.

I also find it strange that since Obama has gotten into office I haven’t once had the urge to eat ice cream or to fantasize about being with Jennifer Connelly. How can that possibly be explained except as the coming of Diablo?

UPDATE: Early reports seem sadly to have been incorrect. Nine people, it’s now reported, have died. Still a bit of a miracle none-the-less and Obama did just get into this role so maybe it was a glitch.

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