Obama Told Manson To Kill


So I’m switching through channels last night and I noticed that on Fox News there’s a one hour show on the 40th anniversary of the Helter Skelter murders ordered by Charlie Manson of Sharon Tate and six others over two nights back in 1969.

The show is hosted by Fox’s Greta Van Susteren but it seems like a straight, balanced show with no political bent at all. That is, until it got to one of the final segments. Van Susteren is talking about the impact of the events and, out of nowhere, we get told that Bernardine Dohrn, a founder of the infamous Weathermen group, once mentioned being in support of Manson’s actions. Dohrn is the wife of noted radical activist Bill Ayers who had a minor connection to President Barack Obama some time back (a fact that Sean Hannity won’t ever let anyone forget).

Why this mention of Dohrn was needed is a mystery to me. I’ve watched countless documentaries on this incident, read several books about it and scanned many websites that mentioned it, and not once have I ever encountered any mention of what Bernadine Dohrn had to say about it.

The only obvious conclusion is that Fox wanted to find some way to get its viewers to link Obama with the Manson murders. No one had heard of Bernadine Dohrn before this past election. So what if she said something stupid about it? It has no relevance and there was no reason to mention it, except to try and make this connection. Shame on you Greta.

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