Went to bed pretty late and woke up to find virtually nothing changed. The Democrats appear to have swept the board in a mandate that makes 1994 look like a small victory.

I’m not entirely sure how I feel about the Senate going to the Democrats as well. I was looking forward to a nice period of immobility. I’m hoping that if the situation stays this way (Montana and Virginia stay in the hands of the Dems) that it doesn’t go to the Dems head to the point that they start talking like they own the place.

By the way, someone should tell the President that this is what it looks like to earn political capital unlike his view of it.

The one thing I can’t wait to hear is the crying that’s going to come out over at the Sean Hannity show. It was already well under way during yesterday’s show. Today should be a real treat. In fact, thinking about it, this is the guy that said keeping Nancy Pelosi from becoming Speaker of the House is worth dying for. Since he’s so willing to volunteer others to die for his causes and now that there’s a chance that arch enemy Hillary Clinton could become Majority Speaker of the Senate, I’m wondering if Sean would do us all a favor and just volunteer himself for a quick, pointless (but ultimately beneficial) demise.

I also have to wonder just how many more of you out there still insist that this administration is on the right path. I can’t imagine being handed a bigger sign of opposition than what happened last night. Face it, George W. Bush is now fully a lame duck President. It’s over. He’s not getting anything else done that he wants. Those left on the Right will now be aligning with people they think have a chance in 2008 to be President. The guy was never anything more than a pumped up stand-in for a President and this sign-off will go a long way towards solidifying his term as being a complete loss.

What’s your argument today? This isn’t some poll that you can try to talk away. This isn’t the so-called liberal media spinning events. This is millions upon millions of Americans sounding off loud and clear that they do not agree with the path or choices this lot has brought us.

It’s time to get on the same bandwagon with the rest of us and start moving forward together.

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