The Operative Word Was "Presidents".


Yesterday President Bush stated that it would be up to future Presidents to decide the situation in Iraq with regard to the withdrawal of troops. The press immediately jumped on the remark to mean that troops would be in Iraq for the next 3 years. Frankly, this administration has been extremely careful in choosing the words it uses to describe various situations. When I heard the remark, the first thing that came to mind was his use of the plural, “Presidents”.

At a minimum this suggests our kids will be in Iraq for at least seven years. Remember that this is the same administration that went to great lengths to assure the public that the endeavor couldn’t possibly last more than six months or cost more than $7 billion dollars (it’s now over $300 billion).

What the President, to my way of seeing it, now believes is that this situation is going to become another South Korea where are troops are stuck there indefinitely. Of course informed and educated experts in the field predicted as much early on (including the President’s own father) but were ridiculed and their viewpoints buried.

I simply want to know why this administration is not being held accountable for these clear failures. President Clinton was impeached for lying about a moment of indiscretion. He was villified by the Republicans and the right-wing pundits. By the way, before anyone gets the idea that I’m a big Clinton fan, it’s good to keep in mind that I never voted for him.

When will this administration be called to task for commiting us to a quagmire in the Middle East that appears to have the probability of going on indefinitely and costing hundreds of times more than we were told? Isn’t this a bit more important, concerning and impacting than lying about oral sex? Supporters of President Bush no longer have a leg to stand on and they know it.

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