Over-extended Credit Line for this Administration


The current administration keeps going on about how we need to get aggressive with Iran and then they toss North Korea in there as well from time-to-time. Heck, every so often I hear unstable people like Ann Coulter talking about eradicating entire sections of people who aren’t us.

The argument is that these people are dangerous and a potential threat to our way of life.

Well, guess what? That might actually be true but you know what else? I really don’t give a damn about that for right now. The bottom line is that, like a dishonest child, my faith in this administration has been exhausted. They’ve used up their credibility chits on Iraq. It seems clear to me that the administration felt it would be just fine and dandy to go in and get started in this fiasco. As usual, they failed to see past the nose on faces to the possibility that something else might come up that actually warrants the very actions they’ve undertaken in Iraq.

Now they’ve killed off 2,500 of our kids and lie to the American public every day about how things are going. Dick Cheney, a year after saying the insurgency is in its final throes, is back saying it’s still true. I guess one of these years he just might be right. Then again, I suspect it’ll be more like Israel and he’ll never be right. You’ve got idiots like Sean Hannity out there making ludicrous statements about how the killing of Al Zarqawi was going to have this big impact. The very next day 3 soldiers were executed and today we find out that two missing soldiers were reportedly slain by the new leader of Al Qaida.

These are not the type of people that the country should extend additional credit to. We gave them the account and they spent it all on a war for their own self interests. I firmly believe that we can find a way to make it through two more years with Iran and North Korea so that we can get another entirely new administration into the White House to give us their viewpoint.

Frankly I don’t want to hear anything else from the current group. They, and the entire Congress, need to be turned out on their backsides. We’re told that terrorism is rampant and yet Homeland Security funding in New York is being cut back while Congress spends its time talking about gay marriage, flag burning and other entirely ridiculous agendas.

This group had their chance with Iraq. All we’ve gotten for our investment is misery, debt and lies. It’s time to cut off the credit and move on.

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