Pelosi Blew This One


House Majority Leader Nancy Pelosi seems to have angered quite a number of people with her trip to Syria. My first reaction to it was to wonder why she felt compelled to go there. I couldn’t see any good coming from it.

Then I took it a step further. I was watching CNN and one of the pundits they had on speaking from the Right said something very accurate. He said something to the effect of (to Lefty-strategist Donna Brazile), “If the President’s name was Bill Clinton and the House Majority Leader’s name was Newt Gingrich, you’d be screaming bloody murder.”

That is an entirely fair assessment. No one on the left would have stood by and accepted that. This case is pretty similar.

To be fair the difference is that the current President has so damaged our reputation around the world that it’s not hard to see why Pelosi thought this was an acceptable move on her part. However, in the end, I believe she only damaged the Dems cause by embarking on it. This entire event looks extremely self-serving and not at all in the interest of the common good. I wish Pelosi would stay at home and get some bills passed that undo some of the damage done by this administration over the last six years.

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