Pirates Put Down, Captain Saved. Hannity Not Happy.


Well, I just got done watching some of the Hannity show that runs on Fox News and Sean Hannity is at it again. As long as these people have a substantial base of supports I will know this country is going in the wrong direction.

Just about everything that could go right about this potential disaster went right. What a major change over seemingly every single challenge during the Bush administration. The pirates are taken out. The ship is saved. The captain is rescued. All is well and yet here we have Sean Hannity looking at every turn the administration makes to find any hint of anything he can use to turn this into an Obama negative. He’s upset because he feels the administration is getting, and taking, credit for the success when, according to his erroneous “research” President Obama had no choice but to sign off on everything just as it happened.

This would be like blaming Captain Sullenberger for killing a bunch of geese in the Hudson river landing event.

When his own Republican guest wouldn’t agree Hannity seemed entirely unprepared for that response and didn’t know how to proceed. This guy never learns. How any network can have someone like this on the air and call themselves balanced is a joke.

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