The Radicals Don’t Get It


The conservative radicals of the party simply are not understanding what happened on Tuesday.

Rush Limbaugh is suggesting it’s all about race. Sean Hannity has a litany of things the Right has to do to get the party back on track and they’re all pretty off-base.

The problem is not race. It’s not the force of the message. The problem is the approach of people like those above.

Take race. Blacks have not had equal treatment in this country no matter how you look at it. Sure we’ve tossed some bones their way but almost out of a sense of guilt more than anything else. They’ve had to live the life of racism. Simply enough, as famous as someone like Will Smith is, I know a lot of white people who wouldn’t willingly change places with him, and have to trade being white for being black. That says a lot.

So we’ve mistreated this entire segment of our population for generations, and while things are improving, it’s still not a retired problem. So along comes someone who they relate to. Is it any wonder that they’d support this person? That’s not about race — it’s about HOPE. Hope is a grand thing that needs to be fostered whenever possible. It’s now possible for many who thought it might never be.

For Rush Limbaugh and the rest of the pundits to try to reduce this to a matter of race is insulting. It’s also hypocritical. Why is it wrong for a black voter to feel a kinship to Barack Obama, but it’s totally fine for these same pundits to talk of the power for that same connection their voters get from Sarah Palin or George W. Bush? It’s fine that you can vote for Bush because he’s someone you want to have a beer with but it’s wrong to vote for Obama because he’s someone who understands what it’s like to be in your skin? This makes no sense and speaks to the double-standard that we’re also fed up with. You can’t pontificate about the value of “hockey mom’s”, “Joe Six-packs” and feed us “Joe the Plumber” and then complain when the other side does the same thing with Barack Obama.

The bottom line is that the electorate is fed up with the bullshit that comes out of the Right. Yes, both parties have their problems, but the Right comes at us with the volume of it turned up to 10.

During the entire election process, for example, how many times did someone call John McCain anything that didn’t fit his situation? Did anyone call him a dirty kike or anything of the sort? No. Why? Because the Left doesn’t put out that kind of hateful message. When that misguided woman at the McCain rally said that Obama was an Arab (and couldn’t be trusted) that said it all. You have people calling him every name in the book, and even turning his own middle name into a slur. He’s a muslim. He’s named Hussein. He’s a dirty socialist. He’s black!

That is what we’re fed up with. Stop arming your followers with garbage that we then have to clean up when things go “wrong”. If you gave a damn about your country, and your fellow man, you’d inform your listeners that these stereotypes are negative, and have no place here. Stick to the issues.

We’re also fed up with a group of people who tell us they know the answers, but who blindly support one of the worst Presidents in history, and cannot admit their fault. Why should we listen to you at all? You told us this guy was brilliant. You told us his path was the right one. You told us goofy crap like Bush’s second term equated to a mandate when he barely won while now screaming that Obama’s much larger victory doesn’t qualify.

Many of the pundits own listeners may not care, or have the ability to remember all these things you toss out there, but that doesn’t make it right. The rest of us do hear you, and can contrast.

Obama isn’t even a week into his President-elect status, and already the radical pundits are braced for the worst telling their listeners that it’s all downhill from here.

This sort of thinking goes only one way — negative. Some of you may recall Bernie Goetz. Goetz aggressively shot four guys on a train in New York that were intent on robbing him. When asked about why he did it, he said that he felt like a rat living in a rat hole and he thus responded like a cornered rat. He was a victim of his environment. If you spend hours each day listening to garbage on the radio you’re going to likewise become jaded over the subjects being put forth and therein lies the problem with these pundits. All they are doing is perpetualizing the hatred. It’s why we saw sheer invective coming out of the McCain rallies and I firmly believe it’s what kept John McCain up at nights, and why he wouldn’t go to the lengths such pundits wanted him to go to. McCain is decent, has morals, and chose not to go over a set line. I also believe he’s sorry for how far he did choose to push that line.

This is a time when we should all be resetting the scales. We should all be at zero right now looking to see what the President-elect has in store, and then respond. If you’re going into it expecting the worst then you’re likely going to only see what you want to see and, in my view, it’s because you’ve chosen to fill your day surrounded by a message of fear and hate. The majority of the country has shown that they’ve moved on. Until the Right figures that out they’re going to be lost, and that’s a shame.

While much of the rest of the WORLD is celebrating our amazing evolution we’ve got this entire segment spitting on yet another huge opportunity, all because they simply cannot, or will not, see the light. It’s a shame, and it has to stop.

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