Republicans Admit Record of Failure Since 1988


The entire Republican party has taken a new approach that they think is the recipe for success. The key talking point is to continually evoke the name of Ronald Reagan. If you haven’t heard it yet, you soon will. Nearly every Republican candidate has taken to suggesting that they’re conservatives in the “Reagan Mold”.

The great part about this is that it once again shows just how little people think when they decide to set a path that takes them over thin ice.

Does it not occur to Republican strategists that by using this phrasing that they’re admitting that all of their input from 1989-1992 and 2001 straight through to 2008 has been, is and will continue to be a complete failure?

We’re supposed to believe that things have been so rosy under the leadership of the Bush family that candidates running for office feel the need to reach back nearly 20 years to attempt to point to a positive experience? This, of course, is a bit of a questionable concept all its own. For those of us who lived through the Reagan years, it wasn’t the Garden of Eden that today’s Republicans would have you believe. I voted for Reagan in 1984 only to have him reverse course and enact that largest tax increases in history at the time. Prior to that he’d managed to rack up the largest deficit the country had seen to that date. Revisionists will attempt to tell you that this was all done in the name of bringing down the Soviet Union. Complete BS.

If the best your side can come up with is to evoke foggy memories from two decades ago, clearly something else much larger is broken. If you can’t see through this charade, you’re just going to have to admit that you’ve given up your objectivity. The right should realize that evoking the “Reagan Mold” draws a picture for many of an old guy knee-deep in old smelly cheese, not a face that belongs on Mt. Rushmore.

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