Rush Limbaugh Moving To New Zealand


The Republican party is imploding and it’s getting messy. Primary conservative pundit Rush Limbaugh, after suggesting that the left-wing bloggers and media have misconstrued his comments, suggesting that he wants President Obama to fail has now, in no uncertain terms, stated that he indeed wants Obama to fail.

A short summary of his comments:

“I want everything he’s doing to fail.”

Referring to the stimulus package, “It’s about remaking the United States of America without the Constitution as the guiding light.” (this one really cracks me up as I have to wonder where the hell he was when the Bush administration was tossing the Constitution to the wind with the Patriot Act and with his own $800 billlion-dollar bail-out.)

“Of course I want this to fail. Of course I want Obama to fail. And after this stimulus package passes I want it to fail.”

Isn’t that just peachy? Here’s the Right’s leading messenger telling nearly half the country that they should be pulling for our President to fail. Meanwhile it seems he’s forgotten the tongue-lashing he gave to anyone that even hinted that they might have wanted President Bush to fail.

All we heard about then was how unpatriotic and un-American that thinking was. Now that the shoe’s on the other foot Limbaugh literally can’t take it. If this administration gets eight years, I’m not sure his health will stand it.

You can listen to his very words yourself in a story on Huffington Post noting that arch-conservative Pat Robertson has even denounced Limbaugh’s comments.

He made a grandiose statement that if it does work and does what it’s intended to do then he’s looking for property in New Zealand. Rush, don’t let the door hit you in the ass on your way out.

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  1. What’s funny about this is that just last week he told his listeners that he’s now going to move out of New York over their tax situation. So first he’ll move out of New York and then out of the country. My only concern is if he’ll move closer to me in the interim.

  2. Now that Obama controls GM, Forced a change in the board of Bank of America, and now wants to privatize 1/6 the US econamy, what do you say now?

  3. First, I notice Rush still hasn’t moved out of New York. More lies from this windbag.

    On the other issues I say Bravo! It’s about time the taxpayers got something back for our INVESTMENT in these entities. ANYONE who does ANY investing in companies wants equity back for their investment and we’ve gotten exactly that FOR A CHANGE. Let this serve as a lesson that if you want to view the American taxpayer as a soft bed to fall on when you screw up your company that you’d better re-think your position.

  4. Someone (I love that the negative posts come from people only willing to post as anonymous…) sent a note suggesting that the only reason no negative posts showed up here is that I moderate the comments before they appear.

    That would be incorrect. Anyone with a blog like this will tell you that if you don’t moderate the comments you just end up with piles of spam showing up. It’s nothing more nefarious than that. Any post I receive gets put up as can be seen in various posts about the blog.

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