Sean Hannity’s World Has No Recollection.


Had to laugh while driving around yesterday. I was taking my self-inflicted ritual of listening to Sean Hannity’s show on the radio and couldn’t believe the things I was hearing in just a few minutes of time I gave it.

First up was a bit of a surprise. One of the biggest surprises to come out of President Obama’s speech was the official response to it provided by Louisiana Governor and potential Republican Party leader Bobby Jindal. It was painful. Anyone that responds to that sort of approach is in serious need of help. I can’t think of a more condescending speech I’ve ever seen and that just touches the surface of all that was bad about it. Jon Stewart nailed it by comparing it similarly to Fred Rogers. The highlight was Jindal saying we know we can’t trust government and that all we needed for proof of that was how they handled Hurricane Katrina… Is he joking? We can’t trust government because his own party botched it so badly? Okay…..

Anyway, while virtually every pundit went on air shaking their heads at how bad this response was, including those at Fox News, here was Hannity — oblivious as usual to the world around him — hosting Jindal and praising his response.

The second item was the one big question Hannity posed to Governor Jindal. He asked, “Don’t you agree that it’s just wrong for a President to use fear to forward a political agenda?” Uh, Sean…. Where the hell were you for the previous eight years while your guy was perfecting this dark art?

His show is always good for a laugh and I’m continually concerned when seemingly intelligent people (not that many) call in to voice support for this guy. His facts stand up like dollar bills in a wind storm.

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