The Situation in Israel Is Potentially Dire for US.


As Israel seems destined to move in on Lebanon in their potentially fruitless quest to put down Hezbollah attacks, we need to watch our actions very carefully. It is not out of the realm of possibility that this situation could become a direct path to another world war.

Israel, as we know, isn’t exactly on every country’s best friend list. Several neighboring and nearby countries would like nothing more than to see Israel eradicated from the map, if not from existence entirely. If Israel continues to mow over Lebanon without restriction it’s quite possible that a neighbor or two decides to come to Lebanon’s defense. If that happens it’s possible that another country, or countries will see this as a chance to finally attack Israel while it’s spread too thing to react on multiple fronts. This will, of course, compel them to look to allies to help with the new challenge and that could bring any number of combatants together in a typical historically realistic domino effect.
If you’re sitting back and thinking, “Yeah Israel, go kick some total ass and blow those bastards into the Stone Age,” that’s fine. Just be sure that you’re fully prepared to suit up if the next dominos start to fall.

I’ve already served so this one is on those of you who thought this was such a great Hollywood moment. Just please have it all done by the time my 11 year-old son reaches 18.

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  1. First (and this is not a token statement, I really, sincerely mean it), thank you for serving. I have the utmost respect and gratitude for anyone who has the courage to wear the uniform. My Pastor once made the following comment regarding firefighters but, the same can be applied to the armed forces: “The act of courage is in the willingness to join and to serve. After that, it’s all part of the job.” That was in response to what many folks say about specific actions taken in the field of battle, or in this case, in fires. The point was that, a firefighter who dashes into a burning building to save a child or a soldier who shoulders a rifle in a foreign land so that we may sit back in our climate controlled, cushy homes, is not a hero because of that action. Those are merely duties that the job requires. Understanding those duties and the risks that may be involved BEFORE deciding to go forward and join the ranks is the true act of heroism. That is why I thank and am grateful for EVERYONE who wears the unifrom from frontline “grunts” to kitchen staff, to med techs – everyone. Remember, there are not just fighter pilots, gunners and missile firing soldiers on board a warship – there are all of the above as well. However, when an exocet missile makes impact, it doesn’t know the difference.

    Now, to this topic.

    “we need to watch our actions very carefully.”

    That’s prudent advice at any time. HUA.

    “It is not out of the realm of possibility that this situation could become a direct path to another world war.”

    Actually, I think it’s it directly in that realm, if not a reality already.

    “Several neighboring and nearby countries would like nothing more than to see Israel eradicated from the map, if not from existence entirely.”

    That is the key to the middle-east. In the coming years, we will see all the Arab nations gather once again against the nation of Israel. I spoke about this elsewhere so I won’t repeat it here.

    Personally, I really feel for Lebanon at this time. Hey look, Hezbollah has basically hijacked that country. The Lebanese government is either unable or unwilling to take steps to remove them from their country. And Hezbollah is not a half-wit organization. They purposely establish themselves in civilian areas for the precise reason that the world is condemning Israel – civilian casualties. It’s the same, cowardly approach that we’ve seen in Iraq: A terrorist grabs his rifle and shoots while hiding behind a woman or a child. What is one to do? There’s only so far you can run when someone’s goal is your death. They will pursue you forever. At some point you must stand your ground and defeat him. He’s already willing to die for his cause so, if you happen to kill him AND the human shiled he’s using, what does he care? In fact, that ALSO helps his cause and it will generate more hatred for his enemy, which is exactly what we are seeing.

    Imagine being 200 yards from a cliff with this scenario. You don’t want to harm the woman in front of the scum that’s firing at you. At the same time, there’s only so far you can go before falling off the cliff. You die by the bullet or you die by the fall. He’s forcing you to take a stand, one way or the other. Now, on an individual scale, the noble action may well be to spare the potential death of the woman, give up on the terrorist and plunge over the side. However, on a national scale, the same cannot done. Government’s responsiblity is first and foremost the safety of it’s people and if that means going to war and taking casualties on the battlefield to save the lives of it’s population as a whole, well, that’s historically why people have served in such a capacity – knowing that even if they are called to make the ultimate sacrifice, it is so that many more may live. And whether a Christian or not, I’m sure most have heard that famous verse: “Greater love has no man that he lay down his life for a brother.” Just as Christ gave His life as a ransom for all, so some are also called to do so for their countrymen. And we should never, NEVER take that for granted. Next time you go to the cemetary and see an American flag waving over the grave of a former serviceman, take a moment to say, “Thank you.”

  2. You may well be right that this situation already has us all on the path to war. Good point.

    For the record, I happen to respect what the flag represents more than most people. The military did help to instill that sense of pride. Ironically, I believe so much in it that I also firmly believe that there’s every reason to support the right of others to burn the symbol as well.

  3. “For the record, I happen to respect what the flag represents more than most people. The military did help to instill that sense of pride. Ironically, I believe so much in it that I also firmly believe that there’s every reason to support the right of others to burn the symbol as well.”

    For the record, not that this means anything but, everytime I drive by a flag, I place my hand over my heart out of respect. For the flag? No. But for what it represents. It’s a symbol of so much that we as Americans treasure and we must never forget. Ever see the show Seven Days? Kinda weird but still a fun way to kill an hour. Anyway, at the end of one episode, Frank was standing in the hangar, looking up at the flag on the wall and Donovan came up behind him, joined him and said, “It still means something, doesn’t it.” People are starting to forget that the red stripes on that piece of cloth are best remembered as the blood that has been spilled to make this country what is is today.

    Just a question, though and this may be rhetorical, reflective in nature. I don’t need an answer. If a person understands what the flag represents and understands that it is one of the symbols of the freedom enjoyed by the citizens of arguably the greatest country on earth, why then WOULD such a person ever want to burn it? I have to say that at first, I was in favor of the amendment however, ather than having a law to punish those who burn the flag, I’d rather see more education on what it means, which would have the effect of people not WANTING to burn it in the first place. To me, burning the flag is far, FAR worse than the worst treatment our soldiers received after returning from Vietnam. Whether you agree with the policies of the current administration or not, that flag represents the blood, sweat and tears that have forged this country into the batien of freedom it is today. By burning it you are not expressing enmity with the administration – you are spitting in the face of everyone who has given their life so that you have the freedom to do so and there can be no greater display of disrespect.

    Hey, if I want to burn a flag, I’m gonna burn a flag! It’s like someone who wants to commit murder – they will do so even knowing the consequences if caught. The real goal should be to get the person to not want to murder, to not want to burn the flag. Punishments may in some ways deter crime. In most, they are simply there as payment after the fact. A flawed system? Yes but then, we’re flawed human beings. And if we were all perfect, we wouldn’t be having this discussion, would we? 🙂

  4. People don’t have enough respect in general these days. That certainly doesn’t exclude respect for the flag.

    Anyone who really means to burn the flag, I’m hoping, understands also what it means to do so. To me that speaks to their outrage and their conviction of position. They feel so betrayed by their country that they would burn something so sacred.

    Of course if the flag means little to them then burning it means even less to me. In their mind it’s no different than burning someone else’s favorite shirt. You just did it to get attention and that’s nothing new. I don’t waste my energy getting bent out of shape over that.

    Your view on the flag doesn’t surprise me. You seem willing to put symbology ahead of humanity on several fronts and that’s something I encounter often these days. Sit in a room and watch someone be tortured and then compare it to burning a piece of cloth that happens to be molded into a symbolic shape.

    Symbols are more important to you than they are to others. They’re important to me, but not more important than anyone’s humanity. The two are never even in the same league.

  5. Okay that’s it. You are simply incredible. And you talk about other shoving religious beliefs down their throats. You consistently put words in my mouth and it is NOT appreciated! I would NEVER put a piece of cloth above a human being and don’t ever imply such a thing!

    Why do I even waste my time with someone like you who is obviously only interested in picking a fight. I thank you for your service to our country and you accuse me of this? Don’t need it.

    Enjoy your life pal, if you can. Pff.

  6. I’m referring to your earlier comments about terrorists and such. You appear to be more concerned about how our flag is treated than how a terrorist is dealt with. The only option for the terrorist is to erradicate him from the planet. Forget trying to understand why they do what they do. You said, “It’s kill or be killed.”

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