Slip-up or Insight?


A quick thought before I forget it. John McCain was in Pennsylvania this weekend and was making a comment that stuck out pretty strongly for me. He basically said, “Senator Joe Biden has a habit of going off-message and telling the truth.”

He was speaking about the goof-up Biden fell into when he was candid about his thoughts regarding what would likely happen if Obama is elected (that some country or group is apt to want to test him).

The latter part doesn’t bother me one bit. Any president is likely to be tested sooner or later. What bothers me is the initial comment—”going off-message and telling the truth”.

I heard that and immediately thought, “Gee John, are you telling us that when you’re on message that all we’re getting is bullshit?” It certainly sounds like he’s suggesting that anything on-message is just BS. I know people are thinking, “Well, he just meant the Dems” but I don’t buy that. I think this speaks to a subconscious truth. McCain knows what “on-message” means more than anyone else around and to screw that up would be pretty tough.

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