So Much For the Oil Argument


Today oil passed the inflation-adjusted record for the highest price in history. This was another item the righties held up as a reason to ridicule President Jimmy Carter. Now he’s no longer the holder of that record. I wonder just how many Bush fans will admit to this. I suspect almost none will.

The current President is supposed to be savvy in one area more than others and that’s supposed to be in oil. Meanwhile everything involved in oil is a disgrace. Where’s all the oil from Iraq that supposed to be a large part of why we got into the mess we’re in? Why aren’t we awash in oil at this point? Instead we’re paying more for our cars and my heating oil is going up 20+ percent again for about the 5th year in a row. What used to be a simple bill is now something we have to work around and plan for. It’s now a huge investment.

Meanwhile Bush, who claims he wants to keep Russia’s President Putin in check fails to see that driving up the price of oil works to keep him in power. Nothing would cause more trouble for Putin than for the price of oil to collapse.

So now we have another item we can add to the “legacy” of George W. Bush. He’ll now be remembered for lying us into war, getting us bogged down in it, inadequate in responding to disasters, being unable to speak coherently and now overseeing the highest oil prices in history.

Great job!

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