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I’m switching between the three major news networks during the election coverage and it’s quite entertaining. On CNN everyone is a bit upbeat and they’re covering the story as you’d expect. I was a bit shocked to see them call Maryland for the Dems before any votes were counted but they’ve got their sources so we’ll see how that goes for them.

Over on MSNBC you’ve got Chris Matthews looking about as comfortable as Rosa Parks on a bus. He’s talking but every other paragraph is another slam at a Democrat. He still seems to be pissed that the Left is doing so well without having stated a firm plan for Iraq should they prevail. What’s ironic about that is that the Right had no plan and yet that didn’t seem to stop them from taking us into the war that caused this evening to be so contentious. The strange thing is that something odd is going on between Chris Matthews and Joe Scarborough. Joe went off for about two minutes demanding that Chris and the gang vindicate him from positions that Matthews apparently tried to paste on him over the last couple of years. It was an extremely uncomfortable two minutes to watch.

The really funny thing is to switch over to Fox News. Brett Hume looks like he died around 6pm and no one’s informed his body. The tone is entirely down. Everyone is speaking slowly, quietly and struggling to find anything positive to comment on. I’ve actually tuned away from Fox simply because it’s too boring to watch with that sort of atmosphere.

As I write this it seems pretty obvious that the house is going for the Left with the Senate looks to stay with the Right. The Dems need, basically, three out of four races currently held by Republicans who also are all slightly ahead at this point. Frankly it won’t matter much how this goes. The end result will be that the Senate will be so close that almost nothing will be able to get done there.

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