This Is Ridiculous


The Dow Jones Industrial Average is now a mere 566.06 away from where it was nearly 8 years ago when Bill Clinton left office (when it was at 10,887.36). Lest people forget, it climbed more than 7,500 points during his tenure which included time with both Democrat and Republican-controlled Congress’.

People, once again, please tell me what the hell this idiot in the White House has done for us all the past 8 years? Is all of this really worth the mythologies that the hard right cling to?

1.”9-11 hit us and caused everything bad to happen (and continue happening)”. If Obama takes over next year this excuse will end the day he takes office. If McCain wins then it’ll continue for as long as the troubles do.

2. “George W. Bush has kept us safe all this time.” Yeah, and if you pull this finger, I sprout a fresh, rosy aroma. Yep. Afghanistan is a mess. Iraq is a mess. We’re losing troops in buckets but our saving grace is that “the terrorists” haven’t attacked us here? Uh huh. Prior to 9-11 a splinter group attacked us here in 1993 and before that? There’s little reason to attack us here when our troops are right next door. How people can view this as a good thing is a mystery. At least with us here it takes a much more concerted effort to do us any harm and if we’ve learned our lessons and planned properly isn’t that supposed to be unlikely?

3.”Well, at least Al Gore didn’t get in. Can you imagine how bad things would be then?” You know what? No. No I can’t imagine it being worse than it is right now. Are people actually going to suggest that Al Gore, who seems to clearly understand how people work, would have botched the natural disasters more, would have gotten us attacked, would have driven us into a depression, would have taken us to $6 a gallon gas, would have had us involved in more troops deaths, would have spent even more money than this group, would have had more administration fiasco’s than we’ve seen here? Get a clue people. Al Gore is yet another excuse you share amongst your equally-deluded friends to make it sound like you understand the landscape. You don’t. You’ve all been wrong every step of the way and this is no different.

4. “Bill Clinton was lucky to inherit a surging economy.” Really? Well if you can vote for the guy you want to have a beer with what’s wrong with me voting against a cursed family? What was George H. W. Bush‘s excuse? He had a Democrat-led Congress but you want him to get credit for having 3.9 years of a bad economy and then want Clinton to get no credit for growing it under a Congress controlled by both sides. Then you want the current paper cut-out President to take no hit for keeping us mired in sludge (oh, can that be refined into oil?) for the last 8 years. This is a guy who spent most of his time in office having his party in complete control. It’s amazing to me how such people manage to sleep at night. If Obama wins and the economy turns around it’ll be pure entertainment to see how the fanatics turn that into a negative and tell us how the great GW actually had it all figured out in the last 10 minutes of his term.

How people who are so interested in the bottom line can sit there and support an idiot in the White House while they watch their earnings flying out the window is a real conundrum. Is it possible that the only way you know to complain about the hit to the bottom line is when it comes from taxes? Are you so brainwashed over Ted Kennedy that you can’t understand the hit everyone is taking now and that things are not improving?

How low do the stocks have to go before you wake up? Give me a number. When I wrote about this back in January I really thought we’d have no chance of actually ending up lower five months later! Of course during all this time these same zombies have been telling us about all the great indicators that tell us things are getting better. So will it all be fixed when the power goes out and we’re all standing around in the dark? Will you think you’re in a better position then simply because you won’t know how to get the latest numbers due to the outage? How great will we all be when corn hits $3 an ear? Do we all win the game if gas hits $8 a gallon while the Great Oil President is in office? Remember how he told us he was the perfect man for the job of tackling this with all his vast experience in the area? What I remember is how he failed in every one of those pre-Prez roles while you all got stuck on hating Al Gore. Nice job. Thanks a bunch.

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