Time for War


I’ve decided Congress should go ahead and declare war. They should declare it because this enemy strikes fear into the hearts of every American. It’s an insidious enemy that strikes without warning, without fear, without any heart or morality. It doesn’t strike with the backing of a government. It destroys families and bankrupts many it doesn’t quite eradicate.

This enemy is illness. We need to declare War on Illness. The Right won’t do anything, it seems, unless we declare war on it so this seems to be the only way to get the point across to them.

Oh, but this is a socialist nightmare you say? How can you say that with a straight face while you sit back and tell me you support the War on Terrorism?.

Explain to me how these two things, that seem so obviously different, really are. In the war on terror you have our country spending countless dollars to fight an enemy because it attacked us and might again. Illness will attack nearly all of us, repeatedly and continually. Illness is natural? Well, viewing our history, so is both war and terrorism. It’s been going on for nearly as long as illness.

How can you support one socialist ideal but put down the other as communist or socialist heresy? Our country raising troops to fight a war in our name is socialist. Let’s face it, while the stakes are small we sneak by with a so-called “volunteer army”. I don’t think I’d have a hard time rounding up Iraq vets who wouldn’t describe their experiences as something they feel they volunteered for. When the stakes are large we institute a draft forcing citizens to fight other people in an entirely socialist endeavor. We stamp it, just as the communists before us did, as a righteous cause.

I’m at a loss to explain how some people cannot see this action as anything but socialistic in nature. If I were to turn this around on them I’d suggest that if terrorism scares them as much as they claim it does then perhaps they should get up off their asses and go do something about it. The terrorists have at least done that much. How dare these people take my money to alleviate their fear and then turn around and tell us that we can’t spend far less money to fight a war that hurts everyone and causes more fatalities than any war can achieve.

As far as corruption goes it seems obvious that universal health care would have its share. How is this any different than what goes on with our socialized military? Blackwater, Halliburton, no-bid contracts, military base income for Senators, etc.

You want a War on Terror? Fine. You can have it but I want it balanced by a War on Illness.

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