Very Non-Plussed By McCain’s Speech


Okay, so now both of the conventions are over and anyone really being objective would have to admit that the Democratic convention was the more positive of the two.

John McCain’s speech last night underscored everything that’s wrong with the Republican side of things right now. First, it was a boring speech. It was hard to keep myself engaged in it. Second, the right is continually assailing Barack Obama for not providing any details on his plans. Obama’s speech, as I noted last week, was impressive in large part because he came right out and detailed what he had in mind item-by-item. Meanwhile McCain’s speech told us absolutely nothing.

Furthermore it showed the same blind hypocrisy that the Republicans have turned into an art form. His speech was all about crossing the aisle, ending attacks and being civil to one another. Had this man not seen the previous days of the convention? Those were all loaded with snide commentary, full-on attacks and insults.

Several pundits called this one of the worst speeches they’ve seen in all their time covering these events while they lauded Obama’s speech as one of the best. For me that gives Obama an edge going into the debates.

On a side note, I think I may be prohibited from voting for McCain simply because I don’t believe I could deal with Cindy McCain as First Lady. She is just flat-out scary! I can’t recall the last time I’ve seen someone so fake. I swear Disney created her out of plasticine and various parts left over from one of their animatronic labs. When she came out in that orange dress the other night standing next to Laura Bush I thought I was having a dream while on some strong drug. It was like a bad Barbie dress day grown up. When she speaks or even moves she does so in such a robotic fashion that she just doesn’t look human. Worse, what she says comes off as complete fabrication. This woman strikes me as a disaster waiting to happen. If she gets in, mark my words, it’ll be worse than what we dealt with when Nancy Reagan was in there. I’m done with First Lady’s that know all about “fashion”. It says “snob” of the highest order to me especially when you know you’re going to stand out the way she does. The word was that her yellow outfit above was $300,000. This is the change we want? We want someone in there that talks about all the poor people they identify with while telling you that in a $300,000 outfit for one evening’s use? Thanks but no thanks.

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