We Can’t Trust Bush on Simple Things


On March 21 of this year President Bush was asked at a White House news conference if he foresaw any upcoming changes in his staff. He said not only did he not foresee any but that the current staff had been doing a great job and added, “We’ve been a remarkably stable administration, and I think that’s good for the country.”

Then, less then a week later, Andy Card resigns his Chief of Staff. When Bush is asked about the resignation he mentions, along with the standard fare of plaudits and fluff, that Andy told him about his plans two weeks ago.

In other words, when directly asked about the rumors of changes, the President already knew for a week that Andy Card was leaving. Even if it wasn’t official, for the President to actually use the phrasing about stability being good for the country either marks him as entirely forgetful or simply stupid. You be the judge. I think you know how I already feel about this guy.

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