We Don’t Torture?


One of the myriad of things that drives me absolutely nuts regarding the current administration is that they continually treat us all as if we were born yesterday. Today, in Panama City, the President took this approach for all it was worth by declaring, “We do not torture.

First of all anyone who believes we don’t go about torturing from time to time really isn’t in touch with history. It’s quite clear that the United States has, at times, resorted to torture and likely far more often than any of us care to know about.

Second, the President along with Dick Cheney, have made it quite clear that they’re against recent legislation passed by the Senate that bans torture. The administration is looking for an exemption to all this for the CIA.

So, if we don’t torture and don’t believe in tortue, why is it that the administration isn’t getting behind the anti-torture legislation? Why would you need an exemption for something you claim you don’t support and that you claim isn’t going on?

Next we’ll be told this administration doesn’t believe in politics.

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