Wealth Doesn’t Stave Off Ignorance


In another blow to the theory of superiority of the wealthy, conservative talk show host Neal Boortz decided to leave his brain in storage for the day and demonstrate just how ridiculous the far right can sound when left to their own thinking for a while.

Neal BoortzIn response to a story in the New York Daily News entitled, “Rich Got Terror Tip” regardling the recent subway scare, Boortz decided to share with his audience his view that this sort of response is a good thing. He got right to the point after finding the headline by saying, “So the real gripe here is that it seems that some wealthy people got notified of the terror plot before the great unwashed, before the others. Now, the Daily News in New York has a headline — ‘Rich got terror tip.’ Rich got terror tip. OK, let’s get logical about this, folks. Let’s play logic with this. This is as it should be.

He went on to attempt to support his view by suggesting that the poor shouldn’t be saved because it’s the rich who drive the economy and supply the jobs. Boortz stated, “I don’t see what the big problem is. I just don’t. I mean, if you — who do I want to save first? The rich. Save the poor first. Then, when everything’s over, where are you gonna go for a job?

You can read the full text of this by clicking here. You can also hear it for yourself there as well.

First we had Bill Bennett talking about the benefits of aborting all black babies in this country and now we have this person suggesting that the rich should be given preference when it comes to national emergencies.

Folks, it’s time for the majority in this country, those of us who actually DO the work of this country, to wake up and realize that if we don’t do something soon this sort of thinking will become the prevailing view. Recent political events have emboldened people like this to open up their mouths and shout out their fears and hatred regarding all things not them to the masses. It’s a speech about fear, about segregation and about ignorance.

In Boortz’ utopian world I wonder who it is that he thinks will do his nails, dry clean his suits, shine his shoes, cut his lawn, wash his car, fix his plumbing and generally wipe his bottom? Certainly none of the other people in his world will be willing to provide these services for him.

I know that if I got a call from this guy to provide any service, I’d read his diatribe back to him and then tell him where to get off before hanging up the phone.

I couldn’t help but envision this guy on the deck of the Titanic, while it was going down, trying to convince everyone that the concept of women and children first shouldn’t apply.

If our future is to be filled with the likes of Neal Boortz, it’s a future I want no part of and it’s a future I will be doing all I can to take back from the likes of wind bags like Neal Boortz.

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