What’s the Answer to Virginia Tech? More Guns!


I knew it wouldn’t take long. Listening to the various shows both on TV and radio it only took a single day before the most extreme conservative pundits started suggesting that this tragedy would have never happened if the students and teachers on campus carried hand guns.

Yep, these people are not going to be happy until every single person in the country is walking around with a firearm. 30 people on a bus? 30 people with pistols.

How can it not occur to these people that if this ever became the norm, we’d have random violence deaths every single day beyond counting. Person A would be upset with Person B and then think, “Crap, this guy is probably pissed now and when I turn my back he’s going to shoot me. I better just shoot him first.”

I have yet to see anyone who stands for this free-for-all policy who isn’t acting out of an irrational sense of deep-seated fear. These people are afraid that someone they don’t understand is going to off them. They’re afraid that someone is going to steal their stuff (yeah, that’s worth taking a life over). More than anything else, they’re just afraid.

How these people can’t see the obvious facts of life in countries that prohibit handgun ownership is beyond me. Our fatalities dwarf every other country out there. More guns only means one thing—more gun deaths. How can these people actually think that arming the very people they’re scared of is going to make things better? Of course they assume they’re already armed and thus, they need to be.

The sad fact is that countless more kids are going to die just as they did at Virginia Tech and nothing is going to change. It’s reprehensible.

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