What’s A Conservative To Do?


It’s been heaven lately listening to conservative talk radio or watching Fox News. These people really don’t know what to do with themselves any longer.

On the obvious hand you’ve got Barak HUSSEIN Obama gaining steam for the Democrats and the right just can’t figure out the allure. The thought of some young black guy getting into office just runs entirely counter to their way of thinking. Plus, they seem confused that people haven’t derailed his campaign over the rumor that he’s a Muslim.

Of course if Hillary Clinton gets in they’re all going to just move to Jonestown and drink Kool-Aid together. If you’re too young to know the reference, look it up. I can’t do everything for you. The idea of four to eight years another another Clinton is more than any of them could handle.

Then on their own side they’re just as confused. They have John McCain leading the pack. McCain has been so vilified by them over the years that now they can’t see past their own bullshit any longer and just can’t fathom having this guy be the choice. Doesn’t he have a black baby? heh heh

That only realistically leaves Mitt Romney. Sean Hannity was nearly going into convulsions trying to spit out reasons to support Romney over McCain. It was like trying to find the upside to burnt toast. Romney is all the conservatives have left but, oh my God, speaking of God, he’s a Mormon and aren’t they all nut cases? This guy actually believes in God, like entirely and seriously as in he expects to actually meet him when his time is up here. He doesn’t just act the part like the rest of them. Who does this guy think he is? What’s more interesting is that he was governor of the capital of liberalism, Massachusetts. He also once was registered as an Independent and has said he once voted for a Democrat for President.

Meanwhile I’m fine, at this point, with any of the four we have left. Perhaps I’ll change my mind as the election gets closer but I can think of worse options than these four. Thank God they all dropped out recently.

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