What’s Next? Being Worried About Brutal Nerf Attacks?


There was a strange headline the other day down in the Entertainment sections of the various news sources. The headline was this:

Kevin Spacey horrified of knife crime in Britain
In the story Spacey spoke about loving England and that he’s now considering dual citizenship but then had this comment, “I think crime here (Britain) is shocking and knife crime is shocking and everyone must do what they can to be safe. It is terrible when you read about it, absolutely terrible.

I had to sit there and wonder about this “story”. While a recent string of knife slayings has been going on in England, and crime has been on the upswing, I wonder where the other side of this story is. Wouldn’t the next statement likely read, “….but of course all of it pales in comparison to the endless gun-related deaths in the United States.

The whole point of the situation in England is that, while any homicides are terrible, things could be much worse if the populace all had guns. They don’t so they have to resort to using knives. Nothing personal folks but given the two situations I’ll take England’s side of this story any day of the week.

Very strange…..

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