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Tonight on Bill O’Reilly‘s radio program he decided it would be fun to let people call in to tell them why they hated Hillary Clinton. Of course Bill would take issue with that stating that he let people say whatever they want, but that’s like asking a stadium for of Philadelphia Eagles fans to tell us how they feel about the Dallas Cowboys. You know exactly what kind of response you’re going to get going in.

Anyway, caller after caller used every negative word and phrase possible to describe her. One man that Bill clearly didn’t disagree with actually called her evil and went on to explain that she’s evil because she wants to provide “cradle-to-grave entitlement programs”. He explained that he’s a millionaire and he had to work extremely hard to get there and that he resents the idea of people being able to simply be handed things.

What the hell is wrong with this type of person? Talk about idiotic, close-minded, short-sighted, asinine thinking. It doesn’t get much worse than this. First, anyone born in this country is benefiting from entitlement. These people could have been born in a country where their only hope is to get a hand-out from that rich country they someday hope to visit. Second, in what world does someone like this live when they think that a person living on the hand-outs of an entitlement system is getting away with something worse resenting them over? This guy actually was suggesting that if Hillary Clinton were elected, all his hard work would be for nothing because everyone will just work a minimum wage job and live like kings.

No one is talking about taking people off the street and handing them ten million dollars, buying them a yacht and running them for political office. We’re talking, at best, about providing basic health care for people. We’re talking about providing enough income in your senior years to keep you from having to live on the streets (and just imagine how happy these same people if everyone on social security had nothing and did live on the streets.) People like this make me sick. They resent people for being alive? That’s what it comes down to. To these people anyone who hasn’t walked in their shoes should be dead. You ran a successful business but then it failed and you spent your future trying to keep salaries going for your workers? Screw you pal. Drop dead. Survival of the fittest and you just don’t qualify.

To actually go through life being resentful of someone who might get free basic health care (when you would be able to get it too but will most likely choose NOT to rely only on it) or live in low-incoming housing while you’re living stress-free because you worked hard? Give me a break. You want resentment? I’d accept it from someone born in one of those countries I touched on previously. Someone there might have some reason for wondering why they didn’t draw the lucky straw—to be lucky enough to be born in a country where people care for their fellow man enough to give them the basic things in life so that they have a chance of lifting themselves up without having to worry about dropping dead from malaria or scurvy.

It’s amazing how much someone who has succeeded in our country can look down upon everyone else who hasn’t made it and actually resent their very existence. It’s just wrong. The entire concept that someone is pulling one over on the rest of us by getting free health care (which we don’t have), free income (which isn’t exactly a fair view of welfare), a free home (low-income housing isn’t free) or a free retirement (you pay into social security and it’s not making anyone rich) is just ludicrous.

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  1. Oh, Please! The basic facts are that Hilary is a Marxist, and that philosophy has failed everywhere it has been tried. Until you can change human nature, it always will. It is always presented as “from each according to his ability, to each according to his needs” and produces a prolateriat of millions of leeches, each attempting to assert that their needs are greater and their abilities less than the next man. One step up the ladder are those who claim wisdom beyond the common run which enables them to decide the lives of the “proles”. That is where Hilary fits in. It’s an unfortunate fact of life that some will not prosper. It’s a FORTUNATE fact of American life that your country will not allow you to starve if you will get off your butt and go collect your welfare befifits. I am among those who have not especially prospered in this scociety, but I know who to blame, and it is not Bill O’riley. It’s ME. Had I made different choices over the last 60 years, I would have more money now, but I would have had a lot less fun, so I have no regrets. Should O’riley be forced to pay for my fun? I think not. Grow up! we all make our choices and live with the results but only the weak and stupid cry about what they have wrought. I have often made a laughably small income over the years, but have managed to live on it and pay for a home and raise 5 children without assistance of any kind. Life is hard, but I have never seen a welfare check or an unemployment check. I pay my way, with no frills. I sure don’t need to pay your way too!

  2. Joe, I see you have several comments tonight. I’ll take them one at a time.

    First, do you know the definition of a Marxist? Based on your use of it, I have to ask you that. To call Hillary Clinton a Marxist is like calling a priest who only drinks during communion an alcoholic. Like many Dems, Hillary Clinton does support some social programs. That doesn’t make her a Marxist. Marxism’s goal is a classless society. Nowhere in her agenda has she even hinted as such a thing.

    You seem to be one of those types who is afraid to give an inch because an inch now means a mile down the line. Sometimes an inch is just an inch. For those who want to take a yard from it–too bad. We gave you the inch, the rest of the journey is up to you.

    You and I are in the same boat. I’ve worked hard in this life and I have some things I’m proud of, some things I’m not too proud of and some things I thought would take care of me financially that didn’t. I also know that the outcome of that was purely in my control or out of the control of anyone (I can’t control things like the weather, for example).

    I want to use your words in my counter. “Only the weak and stupid cry about what they have wrought.” I’ve seen plenty of strong, bright people cry about things they’ve done. This post is about someone crying about the situation of what others have wrought.

    The fact of the matter is that the government is paying the way for an endless litany of people. If that stopped tomorrow, you and I would wake up in a shockingly different world. Those with very little would have very little to adjust to. I wonder what would happen to all those people at Haliburton if the checks stopped coming?

    Did you hear the show in question and the caller I refer to? Even Bill cut him off. The guy called Hillary EVIL…. Are you kidding me? Hitler was evil. I think some perspective is in order here.

    By the way, I’m glad to hear you won’t be collecting any social security checks since it’s clearly a socialist program you must not agree with.

  3. actually, while a classless society is the stated goal of Marxism, the system has a number of characteristics that fit Mrs. Clinton’s philosophy quite well. In fact the similarities are much more noteworthy than the differences. She stated recently that she wanted to “take” billions of dollars of oil company profits and use them to promote other energy forms. Those profits are private property. They were obtained legally. In Marxism, there IS no private property. All belongs to the state. Mrs. Clinton would love such a system. She is a Marxist. “IT takes a village to raise a child”. Under Marxism, the children are also the property of the Government. The government and society (ruled by the government) decide what will be best for the children. She has openly advocated taking control of the children’s education and upbringing away from the parents and turning it over to the government. She is a Marxist. In her health care package, she declared that those who wished to be doctors would have their specialty chosen for them by the state. If they wanted to go to medical school, they would go to the one the government chose for them and practice where the government told them to practice. Under Marxism, the government chooses one’s level and type of education, where they work and what they do. She is a Marxist. She also stated that under her system, doctors who accepted cash for treatment of sick people could be jailed. Under Marxism, private enterprise is forbidden. She is a Marxist. Her positions on any number of issues demonstrates how she would go about solving the problems of the world if she had her way, and Carl Marx would approve of most of them if he were alive, so either Hilary is a Marxist or Marx was a hilarist, take your choice.

    As to “giving an inch”, We gave FDR and inch, and now we are paying people an allowance and feeding and housing them because they are heroin addicts. Liberals don’t call themselves progressives for nothing. It keeps getting worse year after year. That’s why they call it “progress”.

    I will not complain if Halliburton never gets another contract, providing the work gets done by somebody. I am every bit as down on corporate welfare as I am private giveaways. My business gets paid for it’s products by people who want them. Businesses which have to be bailed out by the state have lost the right, in my mind, to call themselves “private” or competent. If a private, competent business can do Halliburton’s work for less money, then they should step up to the plate. We are all waiting.

    You are only partially right. I don’t agree with social security, but since the money has been stolen from me, figuratively at gunpoint, I will attempt to get it back. Had I been allowed to invest my own money I would have had a great deal more of it to retire on then I will now have. Typically, the state “took” my money without my permission or blessing and put it to their own uses, so now I am left with a small portion of what I would have had. If I did not get all of it back I could, I would be compounding the theft.

  4. “A number of characteristics” doesn’t make her a Marxist. You share a number of characteristics that a terrorist has. Are you a terrorist? It’s like suggesting that everyone who drives a car wants to be a car bomber.

    First, I should also point out, I am not a Democrat and I’m not currently a supporter of anyone for 2008. I have family members who are fans of Hillary Clinton. I am not currently among them.

    Second, what she said was that she wanted to take money from the tax on oil company profits to do that. That’s a BIG difference between taking their profits. The government taxes us too.

    As far as “it takes a village”, I think you twist the phrase to fit your desired meaning. I certainly respect her more for her history than I do many so-called “family values” conservatives. I don’t care if Hillary stayed with Bill for political reasons. The bottom line is, she stayed with him. Isn’t that traditional values? They worked it out, however they had to and stayed together. They have a seemingly normal, nice daughter too. We don’t hear about Chelsea bar-hopping and carousing all over the world. Meanwhile all these “family values” charlatans were busy sleeping with other partners, divorcing their partners, etc. Newt Gingrich is no one I would ever emulate for family values.

    Many of your remaining attacks on her appear to me to come right out of Fox News or conservative radio views. They just don’t hold water.

    As far as FDR, I think history sees him pretty positively and it’s now been 3 to 4 generations since his passing. I see absolutely nothing wrong with the richest nation in the world taking care of the citizens that helped make it a great country when they’re need arises. To me it’s an amazing thing that other countries clearly strive to emulate. Why is that? Everyone else is Marxist too?

    As far as waiting on companies that can do what Haliburton does, there are already examples of other non-Haliburton companies that have sued over not being included in the process. No-bid contracts have been quite readily available to them among many other favored companies. That is just wrong.

    I’m still mad that we bailed out Chrysler. I have mixed feelings on the airlines but suspect we should have let them go as well.

    We’re closer on social security than you might think. I have no problem with people wanting to invest those funds but I don’t believe it should be forced on people to do it. Take a simple case. The smart thing to do is to never get a tax refund from the government and yet a majority of people do exactly that. Why? Because most people simply are not savvy in the stock market and like the idea of having essentially a large Christmas Club coming back to them each year. Social Security is very similar. If there was no social security, we’d have a small percentage of wealthier seniors and a much larger percentage of seniors in abject poverty. If you don’t believe that, I think you’re fooling yourself. I think it’s a good thing that we do something to keep that from happening.

  5. First off, the lady did not say she wanted to spend the tax money from oil profits, she quoted the figure that the company had profited last year and stated “I want to take that ??? billion dollars and……” One years profit she wanted to take, not the taxes from it. Secondly, I don’t really care what she does about her marriage, it’s none of my business. What is my business is that she wants to give the state instead of the parents control over how children get raised, what they are taught, more importantly what they are NOT taught! I really don’t care what kind of job she did raising her daughter, that’s not my business either, but the state claiming ownership of children IS my business. While there may be somethng about her that is not Marxist, I think we have pretty well covered the basics, and she passes the tests just fine. Even Marx and Lenin couldn’t agree all the time.

    I do agree that those who cannot help themselves should be helped, and they are being helped. I also know that these “help” programs have turned into a lure for millions who find it easier to give up than to try. Offer a 15 year old girl her own apartment, food, utilities and a little spending cash if she can just get herself pregnant, and you have created an attractive nuisance. There are an awful lot of folks who are not trying because they do not have to, and phony disability claims among government workers is rampant! It was predicted when we did welfare reform a few years ago that there would be blood in the streeets and people starving all over the place, but it did not happen. The reason being that most of the folks went out and got a job, which is what they should have done anyhow. If somebody can’t work, he is provided for in a small way, and that is as it should be. We don’t need to take it any further.
    Well,Rich, it’s been fun but when you have to say a point is useless or false because it might agree with someting said on Fox News chanell, you have run clean out of ammo and are no longer a challenge, so I’ll go looking for more fertile fields. I’m looking forward to an increasingly conservative country as communication and education through the internet increase, so I want to think you for at least listening to the voice of logic…Joe

  6. Joe, I stand corrected. Hillary did indeed say she wanted to take the record oil profits and put them to use as you noted.


    However, she also has stated that this was a slip of the tongue on her part and that she meant to say the tax on those profits. I notice that the Right just plays this as her letting slip her true feelings and the Left playing this as a simple oversight. To me it says she’s not as polished as her husband was and it’s yet another reason that I’m not a supporter of hers.

    For the record, I can’t believe she thinks she can take profits from companies and do what she wants with them. No government of either party would support such a move and she knows that.

    As far as her having control over education, the last six years have had enough of a backwards slide. I don’t know a single teacher who is in favor of “No Child Left Behind”. It’s a shell game. I also am tired of reading about school books that suggest evolution is on the same level as creationism.

    On welfare, you and I agree. The weaker in our society will lean towards the easiest path. This does need to be addressed but there will always be weak-willed and challenged people in our society. Simply turning a blind eye to them isn’t going to fix anything. Back to the point, despising them for their weakness because they get a stipend from us is also pretty short-sighted in my view. Do you want to change places with any of those individuals? I think not. Let’s just find a way to minimize the most brazen misuse of this safety net.

    Glad you stopped by and best of luck. One last thing. In case you haven’t noticed, the country moved conservative for a bit and seems to have decided to run as fast as they can away from that of late. I blame the Right for that more than any other group. They had it within their grasp to prove, once and for all, that with complete control they could deliver everything they always said would bring amazing results. Instead they decided to go for the quick buck and to take care of their own and it back-fired on them.

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