When Did Limited Tolerance Take Over For Compassion?


One other thing many on the Right espouse that has been bugging me for some time is the so-called “War on Christmas” so dubbed by Bill O’Reilly.

What bothers me about this is that it’s not only incorrect but contrary to the very nature of what this season should be about and what we, as a people, should be reaching to achieve.

First of all, none of the retailers have conspired to declare war on Christmas. All many of them have done is to evolve, unlike those that support the war theory, to show compassion for all their potential shoppers.

The radio this week has been filled with irate callers asking other listeners to boycott retailers that choose to say Merry Christmas over the more inclusive “Happy Holiday” or “Have a nice Holiday.” Great thinking from the arm of our society that’s supposed to be enlightened with regard to fiscal sanity. Just what our retailers need this year—a bunch of idiots boycotting their stores over something ridiculous.

Second, when did it become poor taste to try and reach out and include everyone in our celebrations and society? What is it with these people that they can’t show compassion for others at a time when compassion is supposed to be the guiding force of the season?

One caller pointed out that when someone says, “Have a nice Holiday” to him, he says, “No, Merry Christmas.” Sounds one step away from Scrooge to me. In what way are these people put out when someone takes the time to acknowledge them and wish them a happy season? Must that well-wishing only be phrased one way? Heck, we allow several ways to acknowledge a sneeze. Can’t we allow for several ways to wish all people a joyous holiday?

Do you really think a Christian greeted with “Happy Holidays” is slighted to the same degree as a Jew who is wished a Merry Christmas? That’s about as insulting as asking an overweight woman when she’s expecting. These people speak of compassion and yet, at nearly every opportunity to show it they eschew it over the smallest of so-called injustices. So what if others are in the minority. Isn’t that part of the point of compassion? You’ve got the bigger stick. Must you whack people over the head with it just because you can? Is that really the lesson you teach your children? Be careful as Republicans are currently in the minority. If the rest of us move from “turn the other cheek” to your mantra of “an eye for an eye” you might not feel so brave. Don’t worry though. We’re not the vindictive type.

I don’t know about the rest of you but I will have a merry Christmas while I wish the rest of you a happy holiday whatever form that may take. I even wish good fortune on those of our flock that have forgotten what the point of this season is.

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