When Will We Catch The Criminal?


I want to know when the FBI and local authorities are going to get off their asses and get out on the street to catch a despicable criminal that has clearly been traveling around the country.

What kind of sick mind brainwashes someone to wear $150,000 wardrobes against their will while making them act as if they’re happy doing so? This sort of activity needs to stop.

Seriously, I’m sick of the bullshit coming out of the McCain campaign over the issue of her wardrobe and other related items.

They want to point to the wealth of the Obama‘s but there’s a huge problem with that approach. Unless this fictional criminal was even more devious, no one forced Governor Sarah Palin to attempt to appeal to voters with her “I’m just like you”, “hockey Mom” rhetoric. It was their campaign that purposely made this distinction.

It was like when Republican Congressman Dennis Hastert was running around telling people he drove a hybrid only to be photographed driving a huge SUV to within blocks of events and then switching over to his hybrid. Palin is the one that wanted people to believe she was just like you and me. She then thought it was totally fine to wear the wardrobe the RNC put in front of her and to accept getting hair and make-up that came from a stylist who makes more than anyone else in the campaign.

The fact that she doesn’t own the clothes—her defense, is irrelevant. She showed poor judgement in wearing them at all. She talks about being against frivilous spending and how she fights it at every turn but the evidence shows the exact opposite in every case. She said she was against the bridge to nowhere but was first for it and, in the end, KEPT THE MONEY even when the project was dead.

Forgive me Governor but your words ring hollow.

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  1. Are you kidding me? She’s interviewing for a job. The biggest job of her life. How many interviews have you gone on in your sweatsuit? Talk about reaching down in the barrel. If you have a gripe, make it on the issues, not the wardrobe, please. Lucky those men buy a $2000+ for each suit. They can wear them more than once but switch out the tie/shirt, if she wore same dress twice, the media would be all over her for that too. Get Real and grow up. All the candidates need to look their best from both parties.

  2. When I go on an interview and tell the boss (the public, who wears sweats) that I’m just like them and show up in top fashion designers’ clothes and tell them that their parent company paid for it all, I actually don’t expect to get that job. I expect the interviewer to see through that farce instantly. As someone who has interviewed others I see that sort of disconnect all the time.

    The wardrobe is related to the issues and more so than any of the guilt-by-association crap they’re trying to pin on Obama. In this case the evidence clearly shows this women to be as transparent as glass. She is not to be trusted. It clearly shows that she’ll pander to us at any level and then do what is in her nature to do. THAT is a major issue.

    Those men didn’t stand out there in $2,000 suits (and it would take 75 if them to equate) and tell us they’re just like you and me and make that a centerpiece of their platform. That you’ll forgive Palin for that speaks volumes about your bias. SHE is the one that made this an issue. Don’t stand up on a soap box and tell everyone you’re a math wizard and then not be able to add up the bill for dinner or figure out the tip.

    If she’s really the way she professes to be and shops at consignment shops then wearing the same dress twice should make her case clear for all to see. That she so readily bought into the extravagance is the point.

    I also am willing to bet that the other candidates own their own suits.

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