Where’s the Competition Factor?


Digital media is supposed to be better is it not? One of my biggest gripes about it is that the industry, across the board, refuses to acknowledge this fact and keeps trying to apply old methods to the new media.

What I mean by this is that I’m tired of being told that songs, books, games, movies I buy online are not available to me any longer should they go missing (like a hard drive crash). Their excuse for this is that you don’t get a new copy of a book or a movie if you lose it. Give me a BREAK. There is little cost for reading the database, seeing I bought that product before and letting me get it again. Fine, charge me a SMALL fee for a duplicate but make it possible.

I’m tired of paying as much (or more) for digital content only to have it be less functional, less flexible, less enjoyable and less reliable. It all just reeks of gouging.

Another example of this is EA and games. You pay FULL price to download a game of theirs and they only allow access to it for six months.

It seems to me that competition would drive someone to make this a non-issue. The company in question has the content on hand and they know I bought it. What’s the big deal here?

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