White House Supports Wolfowitz


The White House and President George W. Bush have announced that they support embattled World Bank President Paul Wolfowitz.

Does that come as a surprise to anyone? How is this even considered newsworthy at this point? This administration will back any of their friends regardless of their offense. At this point its clear to everyone but the administration that their support is anything but helpful to their cause. How many times do we have to remind these guys about Michael Brown?

Karl Rove could be caught red-handed sodomizing orphaned children, having sex with corpses and training terrorist agents to blow up the Sears Tower and this administration would jump out there to tell you they support him completely.

I can’t believe we have no other realistic option but to have to ride out the hideous mistake made by half the country to re-elect this group. I think we’d do better governing the country by using a Magic 8-Ball.

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