I Can’t Wait To See Mars After Missing It


I need to get some of you to do some basic fact-checking before you go sending out e-mails to everyone. Twice in the last week I’ve gotten the same one about how Mars is going to be the closest it’s ever been to Earth in something like 60,000 years and it won’t repeat this until—oddly—something like 2287.

Anyway, it’s just not true.

This happened in 2003 and now continues forward in hopes of getting us to run out in August to look up and find nothing out of the ordinary. In fact, do any of you recall 2003 being all that amazing? I didn’t think so. It was so noteworthy that we didn’t even think of it when this story came rolling out again.

When you get these things in your Inbox do yourself a favor and do a simple Google search on the title before sending it out to countless others. It only takes a moment and saves you some embarrassment.

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