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So I’m doing my normal tech reading and I come across an article about an artificial lens that gives the wearers “HD” vision.

Right EyeI’m hoping this gets here somewhat soon actually. Why? For those who don’t know it several years back I had Lasik surgery and I’m one of the cases where it went wrong. I don’t have to wear glasses but my vision is anything but normal. I get ghosted images, see halos around bright objects, experience wide variations in my vision each day, etc.

I am, as you can guess, not a fan of Lasik. I got the procedure and paid extra for “lifetime” service that was supposed to assure that if anything wasn’t quite right they’d “fix” it. Well, so much for that. After realizing they’d goofed (I was done in an assembly line fashion with little regard for taking time to do the job right and I have every confidence that the rushing is what caused my issues) they had me back a few times and finally told me that they no longer do so-called corrections because new data suggests that supplemental fixes only make things worse and significantly raise the risk of infection. Wonderful. Glad I paid extra for that service.

So my thinking is that maybe this new procedure could fix what’s wrong and, frankly, I’d be willing to give it a shot. I’d even be willing to let Kremer (the guys who botched the first one) a chance to do it. I’d point out how things went wrong, insist on attentive service and hope for the best. I’d also push for them doing it (and here’s the catch) for free given my “lifetime service” that was nothing more than paying them extra for nothing.

So here’s hoping this option crosses the pond and evolves quickly.

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