Unsung News of the Week

  • Skyward View With WindowWindows with an on/off switch: a new technology dynamically changes whether windows allow heat to pass through or not, while not impacting the light let in.
  • Free singing telegrams through the end of this year from Western Union! (with a new technological twist)
  • Follow-up to the Murder of Mosquitoes: “Genetic Genocide” details the risks and ethical quandaries in easy layman-speak.Dressy Gorilla Suit
  • UN envoy berates the US for not protecting its Occupy Wall Street protesters, comparing the situation to the Arab Spring. “Using the same lens placed on the Occupy movement to look at, say, the protest in Egypt, Verheyden-Hilliard said, observers would have focused on such issues as ‘Did the people in Tahrir Square have a permit?'”
  • Not news, but neat nonetheless: The Nutrition Source for trustworthy information from Harvard’s School of Public Health
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